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Super Fab Services

Super Fab Co. provides highly quality services with state of reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy.

1) Delivery
Super Fab can play a main role, if required, as a contractor to hold the full responsibility for delivery of your cabins any where in UAE or even thought out the Middle East.
We deliver with the considerations of the worl and labor law plus our helpful and courteous manners.

2) Cabins Foundations
When you plan to have a new cabin, you should plan to construct a well holding foundation to carry the cabin weight. We don't provide foundation in our offer unless it's for extra charges, we can take the role of contractor for building up the foundation as for additional services.

Moreover, we suggest placing a prefab cabin on a concrete foundation.

Every block foundation should be build by making a hole and putting the concrete inside. In addition, the legs of the cabin should be place on one foundation block. The gap between the base of the cabins and the ground level provides an air circulation.



3) Knock Down State Service

For international orders outside UAE boundaries Super Fab offeres a knock Down State services where the cabin can be packed as parts inside a container for chipping, this service is world wide.
The knock down parts are packed for ease of the supply. In addition, a supervision from our company can be arranged or even ful staff in order to help you in the assembling process.

Request us to quote for assembling your cabin.

4) Other Service
For any even we can arrange all the needed cabins as rent or sale basis with septic tanks, water tanks, water pump, waste removal, sweet water filling, male/female cleaner, detergents, generators, etc ...
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