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Super Fab Products

Super Fab Co. offers a wide range of prefab cabins, which are characterzed with the highest quality and standard specifications in order to accomplish customer's satisfaction and to build up loyal customers.

Our catalogue contains from 3m2 to more than 5000m2 cabins which can be linked and customied according to our customers needs in order to achieve complex layouts which are required mostly by sites. In addition to our standards offices, family accommodations, halls, stores, moable cabins, kitchens, show rooms, elegant villas, mosques, etc, we offer a wide range of customized and modified layouts. Moreover, Super Fab can modify and prepare steel containers to be ready as offices, toilets, accommodations, laboratories etc...

We deal with our customers, suppliers and our community as partners and we build powerful relations in our surrounding enviornment.
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Super Fab Products
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