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Hiring from Super Fab Includes

Whatever your requirements, you can be assured that Super Fab regional offices, and class leading product warranties, will provide peace of mind.

Hiring from Super Fab Includes

Maintenance - When hired a building is fully maintained by Super Fab Co. whatever the problem is we will resolve it promptly with minimum disruption to the client, because of this If anything go worng while the building is on site we will provide a single of contact to ensure any issues are swiftly resolved.

Cost Clarity

There are no nasty surprises for our clients at the end of the contract.

Removal and Transportation

When hired from Super Fab Co. costs of removal and return transportation are built into the hire price.


Super Fab Clients

  1. DCA
  2. Bawadi
  3. DUTCO
  4. Ghantoot
  5. Barge
  6. Nakheel
  7. Universal

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